Beautiful Lindsay holding Kalika Yap's Little Brand Book

Beautiful inside and out Lindsay!



Brilliant X Charismatic

Your personality is smart, witty, and a little bit dorky—and you’re all the more lovable because of it. People admire your attention to detail and the way you remember things that matter.

You are powerful because you are:

  • Hilarious
  • Bright
  • Reflective
  • Alert
  • Carefree

Own it…
Get inspired by these kindred brands:
Jodie Foster, Tesla

Bring it…
Amplify your strengths:
People are attracted to your casual, approachable demeanor. Others will appreciate the knowledge you deliver with wit and humor. Maximize your brand identity by mixing playful patterns and cheerful hues.

Guess what Duke University Grad student Lindsay Riley’s archetype and get a signed copy of the Little Brand Book!





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